“As an identity specialist, I believe that a business can be transformed through design. I work with ambitious leaders who are passionate about their business and inspire me with their compelling stories. I seek the right mark with passion and strategic nous, working with my clients to understand what makes them unique”.

With a twenty five year career spanning numerous creative challenges and cultural diversities, Jonathan Beach has worked on identities from small to large international companies across Europe, from London to Lisbon and throughout Australia.

Every good job starts with a good problem. How to reflect a cutting-edge business, or a passionate charity, trusted financial partner, or a start-up business eager to be different. I create new brands and identity systems and offering graphic design across print and digital mediums.

To transform your business into a distinctive and compelling identity, email Jonathan with your project.


I offer identity and brand design expertise to numerous design studios in Melbourne. I specialise in creating design concepts that bring a brand strategy to life. With many years of experience and a breadth of brand design knowledge, I empower design studios to create and execute distinctive brands. To find out more email:


I am passionate about creating art works, paintings and prints. To find out more please visit: